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1: Neurosci Lett. 1997 Nov 28;238(1-2):29-32. Related Articles, Links

Voltage signals of individual Purkinje cell dendrites in rat cerebellar slices.

Borst A, Heck D, Thomann M.

Friedrich-Miescher-Laboratory of the Max Planck Society, Tuebingen, Germany.

For investigating neuronal information processing at the cellular level, a technique which visualizes the voltage distribution within single neurons in situ would be extremely useful. Voltage-sensitive dyes are, in principle, capable of reporting membrane potential [Cohen, L.B. and Salzberg, B.M., Rev. Physiol. Biochem. Pharmacol., 83 (1978) 35-88; Grinvald, A., Lieke, E.E., Frostig, R.D. and Hildesheim, R., J. Neurosci., 14 (1994) 2545-2568; Kleinfeld, D., Delaney, K.R., Fee, M.S., Flores, J.A., Tank, D.W. and Gelperin, A., J. Neurophysiol., 72 (1994) 1402-1419]. However, their application to single cells internally is technically difficult [Antic, S. and Zecevic, D., J. Neurosci., 15 (1995) 1392-1405; Grinvald, A., Salzberg, B.M., Lev-Ram, V. and Hildesheim, R., Biophys. J., 51 (1987) 643-651; Kogan, A., Ross, W.N., Zecevic, D. and Lasser-Ross, N., Brain Res., 700 (1995) 235-239; Zecevic, D., Nature, 381 (1996) 322-325]. An alternative strategy consists in applying the dye from the outside to all cells in the tissue, while manipulating a single cell by current injection [Krauthamer, V. and Ross, W.N., J. Neurosci., 4 (1984) 673-682; Ross, W.N. and Krauthamer, V., J. Neurosci., 4 (1984) 659-672]. Here, we modify this technique to further enhance spatial at the cost of temporal resolution [Borst, A., Z. Naturforsch., 50 (1995) 435-438]. Applied to rat cerebellar slices we demonstrate that the potential spread in individual Purkinje cells can be imaged up to even fine dendritic branches. The acquired optical signals suggest that steadily hyperpolarized Purkinje cells are electrically compact. When permanently depolarized, the somatic input resistance is significantly diminished, yet the spatial voltage drop along the dendrites remains unchanged. As demonstrated by compartmental modeling, this hints to a concentration of outward rectifying currents at the soma of the cells.

PMID: 9464647 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]